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  • 03/27/13--12:08: Opportunities for Artists
  • Art and Healing Network's AHN Awards 
     Healing Network's AHN Awards 2013

    The Arts & Healing Network was created in 1997 as an online resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art. They offer a wealth of information about using art to heal oneself, another person, a community, and/or the planet. Every year the Arts & Healing Network's AHN Awards honor healing artists who are truly making a difference in the world. 

    Two Calls for Nominations in 2013
    This year AHN is offering two calls for nominations. In each round, 1-4 artists will receive $5,000 each. AHN is asking for your help in finding this year's awardees.

    Call for Environmental Artists
    We are looking for artists whose work improves our connection to the natural world, raises awareness about current environmental issues and/or acts to remediate damage done to the earth. All creative media qualify - visual art, dance, music, writing, installation work, site specific work, etc.

    We are especially interested in artists whose work is innovative and deeply inspiring. Nominees must have a web site that clearly explains their environmental artwork.

    Nominations must be submitted by May 15, 2013.
    To nominate yourself or another artist, please click here.

    Manhattan Arts International

    Celebrate The Healing Power of ART juried exhibition 
    For several years we have been devoted to sharing positive Art through our exhibitions.

    “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART 2013” is designed to bring widespread awareness about the many positive benefits of Fine Art by showcasing a variety of interpretations, subject matter, styles and media that evoke the nature of healing in its many forms. 50 Artists will be selected. The jurors will be making selections based on how well their art expresses the healing process, on creative originality and technical merit.

    Entry deadline April 14, 2013

     Learn more about Celebrate The Healing Power of ART

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  • 04/08/13--16:34: Artists Who Honor The Earth
  • The month of April is very important for bringing awareness to our environment. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22. We can thank Gaylord Nelson, a senator from Wisconsin for establishing this special day back in 1970. He wanted to bring awareness about the lack of concern people had towards our environment. The purpose of Earth Day was to promote the idea of ecology, to encourage respect for life on Earth, and highlight growing concerns about different kinds of pollution. Although this occasion began in the U.S., today over a billion people from all over the globe celebrate Earth Day. National Environmental Week takes place from April 14-20.

    Here are three artists -- Meg Black, Janet Glatz and Mary Lou Dauray -- who pay homage to our environment 365 days a year and turn our attention to these growing concerns. They are also members of Manhattan Arts International.

    Meg Black

    Meg Black, Ipswich River, handmade paper, 40" x 60". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    "My work expresses my interests in nature and the environment. When considering nature, I do not try to copy the natural world as I see it but, rather, as I feel it. Moved by the natural light and organic shapes I observe in the places I visit seeking inspiration, I try to capture in my work the essence and mood of the place as well as to formulate a graphic interpretation of what I see.

    My environmental interests derive from the precarious condition of our planet and from my urgent desire to record the environment before it is too late. By recording visually all that inspires me in the natural world, I attempt to document what beauty still exists, perhaps as a legacy for future generations."

    Learn more about Meg Black and her art work and

    Janet Glatz 

    Janet Glatz, What Remains, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    "I depict the interplay of plants, wildlife, and landscape as affected by the unique light of the east coast... Filled with an abiding wonderment of the Maine coast and forest, I try to transfer that feeling into each painting I make, so that the viewer can 'step into my world'.”

    Janet Glatz created a special series of works titled, “Man and Sea: Endless Struggle-Lasting Legacy” and explains the source of her inspiration: “ speak to the sometimes harsh, sometimes beneficial relationship between sea and humanity, while at the same time to convey the often confounding dichotomy between beauty and tragedy, failure and triumph. As a life-long Maine resident, I find it hard to conceive of a future without the sea as we know it, the shorelines that protect us, or the thick forests that sustain our wildlife.”

    Learn more about Janet Glatz and her art work at

    Mary Lou Dauray 

    Mary Lou Dauray, Ice Cave, watercolor, 17" x 14". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Mary Lou Dauray is currently in a two-person exhibition titled “Aging People/Aging Planet” at the University of Southern California Institute for Genetic Medicine Art Gallery in Los Angeles. It runs through June 21, 2013.

    Dauray uses a variety of materials -- from plastic pieces to pencil, watercolor, acrylic and oils. She works in series based on her travels and concerns about humanity and the environment. One of her series in oils and watercolors reflects climate change and global warming in relation to the melting of glacial ice. Her Iceland oil paintings were shown at the Olympics in London this past summer. It was presented under the auspices of "Art of the Olympians" to tie in with an environmental panel discussing the impact of global warming.

    Learn more about Mary Lou Dauray and her art at

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    Mano Sotelo Wins First Place Award

    Our exhibition is now ready to view at which features the art work of 56 extraordinary artists.

    Mano Sotelo www.sotelostudio.comis the recipient of the First Place Award and won a Renee Phillips Monetary Award.

    Mano Sotelo, "Waking Up From The World of Thought", oil on panel, 30" x 24". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the written permission of the artist.

    In his artist's statement on his website Mano Sotelo states: "My artistic practice can be divided into two categories: observational and allegory. For me, observational painting and drawing is an exercise in mindfulness. It directly provides me with an increased understanding of my external and internal world. In this practice, I question my assumptions, become more aware, solve problems, make deliberate decisions and ultimately recognize my accountability for the outcome. Through the process of critical observation and thinking, I am provided with direct feedback on the profound impact of my thoughts, judgments, beliefs and consciousness. For these reasons, observational practice has become a foundational component for the rest of my artistic work."

    Mano Sotelo, "I Am the Way", oil on panel, 28" x 36". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the written permission of the artist.

    Sotelo explains, "These paintings act as a response to my questioning and search for truth. Given this inherited and adopted state of internal and external conflict, the paintings respond to the question “who ultimately holds the key to our salvation or enlightenment?”

    You can see this exhibition Celebrate The Healing Power of ART now at

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    Lisa Goesling Wins Three Awards

    "Inside of an Iris", etched out of Scratchbord by Ampersand, 12" x 12". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Lisa Goesling ( is an artist living in the area of Chicago, Illinois. She attended NIU and The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. Goesling recently entered the Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of ART"  juried competition. The jurors selected her art work among only 56 winning finalists from the several hundred images received from artists from every continent.

    Since its inception Manhattan Arts International has always attracted the best artists from around the world. Its online gallery and membership program operates according to a strict application process. In this competition Lisa Goesling's work was not only chosen for an Award of Excellence from Manhattan Arts International, she also received an invitation to join the Manhattan Arts International Membership program.

    Goesling also won two additional awards in this competition: The Jill Conner Critic's Choice Award and the Ampersand Art Materials Award ( A spokesperson from Ampersand Art stated: "Lisa Goesling's work is powerful and passionate; her impeccable design and technique in scratch work is unique for this medium. Ampersand Art is proud to support Lisa Goesling's scratch work by giving her the Ampersand award in this year's exhibition."

    The Nature of Design - Shapes, etched out of Scratchbord by Ampersand, 5" x 21". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission

    About Her Creative Process

    Goesling states, "I find the textures, shapes, patterns, and repetition of nature incredibly inspiring. My medium of choice begins with a layer of Kaolin Clay, which is used to make Porcelain. Once the clay is adhered to the boards, it is covered in a layer of India Ink. By varying the pressure in the ink with my simple tool, (it looks like a quill pen), I can elicit a phenomenal amount of detail in the layer of clay."

    In an interview she conducted with the Chicago Artist’s Coalition as one of the six artists who was awarded Studio/Gallery space at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago she told Pepper Coate: "I begin every piece subconsciously thinking about the fundamentals of design. I look at an object, generally something from nature, and examine its shape and form, determine if the lines, contrast and texture would be conducive to my present medium, Black Claybord by Ampersand. I like to create from the actual subject. However I always photograph it from different perspectives so that I have good reference material should the actual flower die before I have completed the art." 

    The Nature of Design - Pattern, etched out of Scratchbord by Ampersand, 5" x 21". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Creating art of this magnitude requires patience and technical prowess, both attributes Goesling has in tremendous supply. She states, "Getting up close to my subject and paying attention to microscopic details is critical to my process. Dimension is created by layering elements as they appear in nature."

    Viewing her art in person offers an amazing experience. "The real magic occurs" explains Goesling, "when the viewer stands back to see the whole image and then comes in for a closer look.While my artwork appears simple at first glance, upon closer inspection it is filled with such depth and intense detail that it evolves into something compelling and mysterious."

    About Her Healing Process 

    Lisa Goesling has been painting and drawing for over forty years. She began working with Black Claybords by Ampersand in 2006 (the product is now named Scratchbord). She explains, "That’s when I learned I had cancer. Choosing something beautiful to become absorbed in and concentrating on the details, proved to be the perfect way to deal with my cancer diagnosis. The idea that adversity teaches us to turn the negative into a positive is a great analogy for transforming these black boards into thriving works of art."

    Advice to Artists

    For artists who may be intimidated by Scratchbord she offers this advice: "It does take a certain amount of artistic courage to approach a medium like this, given the fact that I can’t sketch or erase. I just study my subject and jump right in! It is impossible to miss the spontaneity that defines my art. Unlike drawing on paper or painting on canvas, Black Claybord forces me to think backwards from dark to light."

    To view more of  Lisa Goesling's incredible art work visit her website at

    You can view Lisa Goesling's winning art in the exhibition Celebrate The Healing Power of ART

    Learn more about Ampersand Art

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    Jill Conner, New York Critic, Presents Her Critic's Choice Awards

    Fifty-six artists were selected to exhibit in the Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of ART", that runs through July 1, 2013. The purpose of this online exhibition is to bring widespread awareness about the many positive benefits of Fine Art. It showcases a variety of interpretations, subject matter, styles and media that evoke the nature of healing in its many forms. The jurors made their selections based on how well the artists express the healing process through their art, on creative originality, and technical merit.

    In this competition Jill Conner, New York based art critic, selected these three artists to receive a Jill Conner Critic's Choice Award. The winners are Elke Daemmrich, Lisa Goesling, and Gaia Orion.

    Elke Daemmrich - Award Winner

    Elke Daemmrich,, "Bees", copper engraving, 12" x 16". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Comment by Jill Conner

    "Elke Daemmrich’s eloquent copper engraving “Bees” brings viewers up close to an evolving environmental issue that is currently central to sustainability. Daemmrich presents these vibrant insects within a nest of honeycomb and from multiple perspectives. The artist’s detailed renderings are so specific, layered and mesmerizing that the lack of color becomes an afterthought. The circular rhythm of representation keeps the eye moving throughout, examining bees up close and at a distance. Elke Daemmrich’s utilization of mixed perspectives give rise to an awareness of a life so miniscule yet profoundly significant. For Daemmrich, the truth is in the details."

    Lisa Goesling - Award Winner

    Lisa Goesling, "Inside of an Iris". etched out of black Scratchbord by Ampersand, 12" x 12".
    All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Comment by Jill Conner

    "Lisa Goesling’s floral etching on black clayboard reaches into the dark abyss of space while defining the depth parameters with lyrical petals and foliage seen on iris blossoms. “Inside of an Iris” is a dissection of the various surfaces that piece together this multi-layered flower. By approaching her subjects on different visual levels, as seen here, Goesling commits to gray-scale bringing the viewer into the subtle tones of layers. Blossoms and stems unwind in a circular pattern as if arranged upon a flat surface. Yet Goesling’s use of lyricism in line suggests a series of performative moments that spin boundlessly."

     Gaia Orion - Award-Winner

    Gaia Orion,, "Autumn Reflection", oil on canvas, 30" x 22". All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Comment by Jill Conner

    "Gaia Orion’s award-winning painting “Autumn Reflection” is a fantasy constructed in two-dimensional flatness. Using yellow to frame the background while white and blue pull the eye further into the composition, Orion captures the dynamic relationship of riveting contrasts that render dimension through resonance. The artist’s rendition of colorful intensity suggests movement within the still composition of the image. Pictorial details become secondary as the core of Gaia Orion’s primary aesthetic becomes apparent through the psychological experience of color. Here, in this award-winning piece, the wonder of landscape emerges from visual sensation rather than illusion."

    About Jill Conner

    Jill Conner ( is the New York Editor of Whitehot Magazine as well as the Editor of On-Verge | Alternative Art Criticism, a collaboration between the International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and CUE Art Foundation. She is a contributor to Afterimage, ArtUS, Art in America, Interview Magazine, Performance Art Journal and Sculpture Magazine. She has provided editorial assistance to Dorothea Rockburne. She is also a Board Member of AICA.

    As an independent curator, Conner is interested in opening discourse for strong art that has been overlooked. Her upcoming projects include a curated group exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Spring 2013 (New York, NY) as well as THAW a group show that will appear at the Dorsky Gallery, in November 2013 (New York, NY).

    She is the founder of AS | ARTISTS STUDIOS, ( a database of the strongest non-represented art vis-à-vis New York City that seeks to create an online space in which one can view art that is less accessible than art created by represented artists.

    Read an interview with Jill Conner on Renee Phillips blog at

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    Bravo to Dell Children's Medical Center

    It is so gratifying to discover positive changes in the healthcare industry. Hospitals and medical centers are integrating art as a healing modality in their spaces. Clinical, sterile and energy draining centers will one day be a distant memory.

    Pierre Auguste Renoir,
    A-Girl with a Watering Can

    A shining example is Dell Children's Medical Center of Central Texas, a member of the Seton Healthcare Family. When you enter this center, you will not only see artwork and sculptures on the walls and reception areas, you will have exposure to a powerful healing experience.

    Dell Children’s features a three-acre multi-level Healing Garden that contains a labyrinth, human sundial, reflecting pond and bridge. It also displays a huge amount of art from both local and global artists, which they declare as, "chosen more for the collection’s clinical healing power than for simple aesthetics."

    You will find courtyards and gardens that represent each of the seven eco-systems, each corresponding to a distinct area of the 46-county Central Texas region that Dell Children’s serves.

    Pierre Auguste Renoir, The Children Of Martial Caillebotte
    Robert Bonar, President and CEO of Dell Children’s states, “Since ancient times, art has been used as part of the process of healing. By providing a nurturing setting — whether it’s a piece of artwork, a courtyard or other symbols — we’re able to use these surroundings to join young patients’ spirits, minds and health.”

    Children's Medical Center Foundation of Central Texas serves as the fundraising arm for Dell Children's Medical Center. "We partner with families, individuals and organizations to support the hospital's mission to serve the sick and injured children in the Central Texas 46-county region."

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    Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of ART" features 56 Artists from around the world. The online exhibition will run through July 1, 2013.

    You may view the entire exhibition at

    We selected a few of the extraordinary winning works that reveal different forms of the healing beauty in nature.

    Ruth Soller 

    Cache de Poudre, oil on canvas, 24"x30"

    Anne Bevan 

    Following the Moonlit Stream diptych, acrylic on wood 46" x 102"

    Elynne Rosenfeld

     White Phoenix, acrylic and glass beads on canvas, 24" x 30"

    Carol Alleman

    Womb of Life, cast bronze, 7.5" x 5.75"

    Olber-Rae Starr Livingstone 

    The Garment, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 48"

    All artwork is copyright protected by the artists. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artists' permission. 

    View the entire exhibition at

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    On my other blog Renee Phillips, The Artrepreneur Coach, I have written this article: Art Insight: How Vital is Arts in Education? It is a three-part series about the tremendous Impact of Arts Education. It is an excerpt of an article that will appear in the August-September, 2013 issue of Professional Artist magazine.

    Santiago Perez,, "Path", oil on canvas. 48" x 60", one of the winners of the Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of ART" juried exhibition. View the exhibition through July 1st at Manhattan Arts International website.

    As I stated in the article, the renowned sculptor Magdalena Abakanowicz once stated, "Art does not solve problems, but makes us aware of their existence." But, I ask, doesn't arts education solve problems? Indeed, in its own way, this sometimes underfunded and often under appreciated field of study may not only help answer questions relating to aesthetics, tradition and methods of image making, but there is also growing evidence that this discipline may be an essential key to helping answer questions in a broad spectrum of subjects, including mathematics and the sciences.

    Increasing Studies, Evidence and Research 

    Decades of research have provided more than a sufficient amount of data to prove that arts education impacts everything from overall academic achievement to social and emotional development and so much more.

    Evidence from brain research is only one of many reasons education and engagement in fine arts is beneficial to the educational process. Research has proven the arts develop neural systems that produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance.

     Eric Jensen, one of the leading translators in the world of neuroscience into education, states in his book Arts with the Brain in Mind, “The systems they nourish, which include our integrated sensory, attentional, cognitive, emotional, and motor capacities, are, in fact, the driving forces behind all other learning.”

    Continue reading this in-depth 3-part article.

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    A Healing Collaboration

    On the first day of Summer P.C. Turczyn sent an email newsletter in which she shared, "It is with great wonderment and gratitude that I present Faybiene Miranda's magnificent poetic response to the mandala of "Infinite Health"."

    Faybiene's poem and Pamela's mandala appear together in the Summer Issue of New York Spirit.

    It is an honor to present them together here as they resonate our beliefs about the healing power of art and artists.

    P.C. Turczyn,, "Infinite Health", gouache on watercolor paper, 24" x 24". This painting won an Award of Excellence in Manhattan Arts International "Celebrate The Healing Power of ART" 2013. Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    About P.C. Turczyn 
    P.C.Turczyn's ( award winning artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in many museums, galleries and cultural centers, including the Chelsea Art Museum, New York City, Metropolitan Museum and Art Center in Coral Gables, Florida; the Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon, Michigan; and the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York; to name a few. Her paintings are in private and corporate collections including those of P.Kaufmann, Inc., in New York City and ACMAT in New Britain, Connecticut. She also maintains Art that Supports The Healing Process blog.

    About Faybiene Miranda
    She is a published poet, lyricist and performer, former co-host and co-producer of Global Medicine Review broadcast for 10 years on WBAI 99.5 FM. Faybiene is the recipient of multiple awards for her dedication and service to community as a teacher, mentor and artist. She is also an arts administrator with community based organization Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy in Brooklyn, NY. Contact her at:

    Miranda stated, "While creating Tiers of Joy, I too experienced a healing and renewal while going through a rather unexpected health challenge. Meditation on P.C. Turczyn's mandala was a major prerequisite for writing the piece as her work fed me, energizing my thoughts on paper."

    By Faybiene Miranda

    Let us speak of beauty
    Commencing with the tiers of human joy
    Scaffolding from the exquisite array of life itself
    A form indigenous to creation portrayed in exhalation of her healing touch In matters great and small without remorse - let healing take its course
    A ray of sunlight kissed imagination intrinsic in the hand of painter's stroke
    Adhesive train of thought when artistry and spirit coalesce
    We swim in transformation through majesty of image cast ...and we are changed before forever vision scoped
    By pencil-sketching-measured human eye
    The painter paints
    To feed a cosmos rooted in the nautilus of emerging starfish constellations
    A seed compelled to birth itself between the textures and symmetry of inspiration Imbuing color coded symbols to reveal the magic envelope of dynasty
    Within each fabricated crop of petals sown Behold this 5-star aloe emerald host!
    The poet asks: What architect has labored to such acclaim and bounteous formed perfection?
    What circumstance prevents us from the center of our own heart's intention?
    What mortal magistrate deters us from this earthly living treasure?
    From rapier's edge we softly tread respectfully
    Requesting shelter that our lives may be corrected
    And with permission we are lead to genuflection
    At the beauty that surrounds us
    Above us and below us as within
    We seek the Infinite Spring from which we raise our heads in contemplation
    The healing of all nations gained
    Why should we falter squinting further from our dream's domain?
    We are the aperture of love in sky-shade blue and mountain-greenery
    Perceived horizons where our souls can meet in focal sphere harmonic "frequencied"
    Let's act on beauty and the miracle of what we see today
    Be not afraid of Source
    Let not the energy of your Divinity fade away
    Allowance is the yielding to the power of sustaining faith ...and while we sleep we harvest time to greet us when we awaken
    Be not mistaken Galaxies are born in night's embrace Let not the hand of art be shaken
    The stars will shine outlining corridors of space ...and beauty takes her chosen place
    Above us and below us as within ...and we are changed forevermore
    By tiers of joy reflected in the beauty of our being and healing In matters great and small without remorse - let healing take its course
    As painters paint and poets yield surrendering their thoughts to lamplight words in ink
    Be not afraid of Source
    Let not the hand of art be shaken.

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    A.I.R. Gallery and 2012-2013 Fellowship Artist Shanti Grumbine are pleased to announce a public reading of original poetry and prose by female veterans on Sunday, July 14th, from 4:30 - 6:00pm at AIR Gallery, 111 Front Street, #228, Brooklyn, NY 11201

    Images: Warrior Writers Logo and Shanti Grumbine’s Selection from “Kenosis”, That Girl Could Have Been Any One of Us, December 31, 2012 (Detail, 2013, erased and excised New York Times Page, 22” x 12"

    For this special event, A.I.R. Fellow, Shanti Grumbine has partnered with Warrior Writers to create a supportive public space within the gallery where female veteran’s voices and stories can be heard.

    In her exhibition, The Glittering Point, Grumbine removes text and image from The New York Timesnewspaper, poetically making space for marginalized narratives and voices. The aim of this event is to temporarily fill that space and to help bridge the gap between civilians and veterans by using the gallery as a common ground where diverse truths and experiences can be witnessed and valued.

    You can be part of this event to acknowledge our collective experience and responsibility in world events and to share in the advocacy of veterans in the creative arts.

    Warrior Writers is a community of military veterans, service members, artists, allies, civilians, and healers dedicated to creativity and wellness. They use writing, painting, photography, and a host of other mediums to reflect on their experiences and to articulate/express them creatively. Art making becomes the tool through which they understand and transcend experiences of trauma and emotional disruptions that are not easily identified but constantly felt.

    Through Warrior Writers , veterans have created a network of support and reprieve where artistic growth is developed and lasting friendships are built.Using art as language, they help bridge the gap be tween veterans and civilians.

    Warrior Writers has members and activities across the country including: Philadelphia, New York, Boston, the D.C. area, Chicago, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Bay area.

    The suggested donation to this event is $10 to support the Warrior Writers programs for veterans.

    For more information contact Alli Arnold at 212.255.6651, or visit

    The A.I.R. Fellowship Program is made possible by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, a state agency, The New York State Council on the Arts, JP Morgan Chase through a re grant from the Broo klyn Arts Council, as well as generous support from The Bernheim Foundation, The Gifford Foundation, Elizabeth A. Sackler, The Milton and Sally Avery Foundation, and many generous donors to the Emma Bee Bernstein Fellowship.

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    Elise Meredith Beattie is known as a "Fearless Painter" who incorporates watercolors, acrylics and collage to create a unique style of art recognized for its bold, textural surfaces. She is a recipient of many honors and awards including the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Foundation Grant for a one-person exhibition in New York, NY. She also received the Elizabeth Erlanger Memorial Award through a National Association of Women Artists exhibition, and the President’s Award from the Montana National Watercolor Exhibition, Big Fork Arts Center, MT.

    Each year the local Easter Seals facility invites local artists to participate in a collaborative art project that will ultimately become part of their annual ESWKY art exhibit and auction. The sales at this large community event provide art materials for the ESWKY art therapy program.

    Caught in the Act, mixed media on paper, 22" x 30". Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    For numerous years Elise Meredith Beattie has assisted this program by donating her paintings and helping their artists create projects, as she says, "that instill pride of craftsmanship."

    She explains, "Over the years I have designed my "Fearless Painting" classes to help a wide variety of art students ranging from the basic beginner through the advanced level of professional artist."

    Beattie is most suited to donate her talent and compassion for this positive experience. "After college I worked in the capacity of art therapist at a geriatrics hospital in Connecticut. It was at this time, 30 years ago, that I learned to appreciate the benefits of also encouraging the physically or intellectually challenged client to be artistically creative. Over the years it has been an easy transition to adapt my Fearless workshops to help anyone become adept at creative expression."

    Wish Upon A Star, mixed media on paper, 22" x 13". Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission.

    Elise Meredith Beattie's Teaches Others to Become "Fearless"

    Beattie says, "The goal behind my "Fearless Painting" Classes for the Easter Seals of Western Kentucky is to help their clients acquire the necessary skills for successful and competent creative expression. In these specialized classes I utilize painterly techniques simplified in such a way as to make each educational component an easily achieved skill. When each technique becomes a successful ability my students feel encouraged by their own creative accomplishments."

    As Beattie explains, "Their bonus is being able to take home an art project that makes them happy and has taught them eye and hand coordination -- color, shape and line recognition as well as introduced the student to a variety of materials and methods for painterly expression."

    Beattie emphasizes, "Teaching art is a two way street. On one side of the street is the gift of education. A gift that keeps on giving because it is helping others in their search for creative self-expression. On the opposite side of the street , I stand enjoying the receipt of my students’ smiles. My pleasure comes from watching someone else become “Fearless” in their search for painterly happiness."

    Learn more about Elise Meredith Beattie's art and workshops.

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    “Flight”, from the Queen Anne’s Lace Series, acrylic, 12" x 12"

    Allison Coelho Picone has announced "A Renewal of Spirit: A Solo Exhibition of Queen Anne’s Lace & Other Works” at the beautiful and historic Parson House Fine Art & Antique Gallery in Assonet, MA,  from August 31 - September 30, 2013.

    The artist will be present at the opening reception during the day to informally answer questions and to explain how the series has helped her evolve as an artist and mother by creating healing images through Nature, expressing emotions, experimenting with color, and exploring the ideas of life after death and of a mother's protection.

    Some 33-40 of the artist's paintings will be on view for this exhibition that was curated by Sam Ruest, Owner of The Parson House Gallery.

    For more info, visit

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    "Art that Lifts Our Spirits"
    2013 is part of Manhattan Arts International's interest in the "Healing Power of ART". This exhibition, which will run from September 23-November 23, is designed to bring attention to Art that is optimistic and positive.

    50 Artists Featured on
    It will feature 50 artists and different interpretations of this theme with a wide display of subject matter, styles and mediums. This online exhibition will take place on the Manhattan Arts International website. In addition, more than 27 additional awards and prizes will be given.

    Also, the first 20 Artists that enter will automatically have one of their entries featured here on this blog!

    We will seek innovation, creative originality and technical merit. All 2 and 3-D artwork in all subject matter, styles, media, and sizes will be accepted from artists worldwide including: painting, sculpture, drawing, encaustic, photography, digital art, and mixed media. (Sorry, no video.) Artists must be 18 years or older.

    The winning artists will be widely promoted through this website and the Celebrate The Healing Power of ART blog. Our publicity campaign includes social media, and weekly Email News to more than 40,000 total subscribers and followers each month. We will encourage viewers to contact the artists directly. We do not take any fee or commission for works sold online.

    About Manhattan Arts International 
    We were among the first art web sites to launch an online gallery in 1999. Prior to that we published Manhattan Arts International magazine to promote under-recognized artists (1983-2000). Over the years Manhattan Arts International has been responsible for promoting the careers of thousands of artists from around the world, in all styles and media. (Read "About Us.")

    Learn more about "Art that Lifts Our Spirits" 2013 and how to enter.

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    Photo by Elaine Poggi

    I just discovered a wonderful open group on LinkedIn Foundation for Photo / Art in Hsopitals launched by Elaine Poggi.

    So, if you are on LinkedIn, try the link above or search for the group by name.

    Also, you can read all about the organization in an article on this blog: Foundation for Photo / Art in Hospitals: Photographer Elaine Poggi Brings Healing Art Where it is Most Needed 

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    For this competition "Art that Lifts Our Spirits" we decided to do something different before we begin the jurying process. As a prize to the first 20 artists who submitted their entries early, we are selecting one of their entries to feature here, along with their brief artist's statement and a link to their website.

    It is such a pleasure to share six artists' entries with you here and we will feature more next week.

    Please note: The works you see here are not necessarily the finalists. The judging process has not yet begun. The deadline for the competition is September 10. The online exhibition begins September 23, 2013.

    Jill Baker  ~ Painting

    Jill Baker, Grand Canal, oil on canvas, 12" x 30"

    "I observe the poignant and complex design of the world, with its color and light and wish to bring attention to its mystery and beauty through art. I employ the many techniques I’ve learned, from Old Masters’ to palette knife, producing realistic oil paintings, and collage-and-oil paintings which are surrealistic."

    Jacqueline Drake ~ Encaustic

    Jacqueline Drake, November Rain, encaustic painting on masonite, 24" x 48"

    "My work represents a deep peace that is found with all of us. By combining my passion for color and texture with my training in the healing arts, I am able to teach others the many healing benefits of creative expression. My art is a visual representation of that peace."

    William Thomas ~ Painting

    William Thomas, Ice Follies Daffodils, acrylic on canvas, 40" x 30"

    "I explore form and linear movement through botanical realism. I strive to produce a portal, away from the modern clash of experience, to a quite solace where one can wander around the canvas experiencing nature’s color and form. Through my art I have gained a personal means to communicate with nature and show my gratitude."

    Elizabeth Busey ~ Linoleum Print

    Elizabeth Busey, Herbaceous Handwork, Linoleum Reduction Print, 28" x 28"

    "I find joy and comfort in the miraculous structures of nature – whether topographical or microscopic. These structures often parallel the human experiences of life -- growth, struggle, change and renewal. In my linoleum relief prints I use layers of transparent ink to create works of captivating texture, dimension and luminosity."

     John Laurenzi  ~ Painting

    John Laurenzi, Passionate Response, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 24"

    "I paint what I see and what I think I see. The colors of the abstract music paintings vibrate and compliment the composition so one can virtually hear and feel as well as see the 'beat' of the music. I paint what feels good to me and want everyone to enjoy the visual journey."

    Judith Warner ~ Fiber

    Judith Warner, Journey, fiber, 36" x 39.5"

    "I have always been in awe of the power of nature to wordlessly invoke emotion and lift humans out of their egos into a state of true connectedness with others. Similarly, I have been fascinated with the ability of color and texture to express and invoke emotion. In my art, I use the interplay of color, texture and design to achieve similar goals."

    If you are an Artist interested in learning more here is a link to: how to enter "Art that Lifts Our Spirits".

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    By Renée Phillips

    Janet Glatz, Gone by 2050 The Island of Funafuti, acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24".
    Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission. 

    Janet Glatz is one of those extraordinary purpose-driven artists/activists who is determined to make a difference in the world. She will tell you, "Ever since I was old enough to put two and two together I noticed the affects man has on nature."

    She explains, “I grew up on a small lake surrounded by beaches and trees that were the homes of turtles and birds, little newts and wild ducks. This world became a part of me that will always remain. So I began to paint works which remind the viewer of what might happen if we lose sight of our responsibilities toward our planet.”

    Important for Janet Glatz is to have her eco-art raise awareness about our purpose on this earth. Her series, Man and Sea, falls into the eco-art category, and conveys to the viewer, "Take care of Mother Earth, as she has provided everything for you."  She affirms, “The goal of an eco-artist is to make a busy person stop in his tracks and think, 'Wow. That painting makes a strong statement about the world today. Maybe there’s something I can do to help.'”

    Glatz admits, “Until I became serious about activism and began to research the issues that interest me most, I had no idea how many activist organizations and groups exist today. And where would we be without them?”

    Janet glatz, Reef Renewal, acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30". Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission. 

    She reminds us that many species survive today because of the work of environmental groups. “Ecosystems around the world are thriving after nearly being lost. The forestry industry has become friendlier to the environment, and coral reefs are being rescued by people who put a high value on the health of our oceans, like the reef shown (above) in my painting, “Reef Renewal”.

    On her Step Into My World blog Janet Glatz writes regularly about environmental concerns and important organizations.  Her blog provides inspiration as well as information.

    She also shares these ten most important fallacies when we consider our Mother Earth:
    1. Our drinking water will always be clean and readily available.
    2. Children will always have the freedom to swim in relatively clean oceans and lakes.
    3. Food fish will remain plentiful all over the world.
    4. The coastlines of continents and islands will remain just as they are.
    5. No matter how large our population grows, we'll be able to handle it.
    6. The governments of the world are on top of any environmental problems, so we don't have to worry.
    7. Shell fish such as clams, lobster, and mussels will remain uncontaminated for our pleasure. 
    8. Lakes and ponds will remain full of water just as they are today.
    9. Farmers will be able to grow crops successfully into the next century.
    10. Disastrous weather events only happen somewhere else, not in my backyard.

    Janet Glatz, Stairway to Heaven, 14" x 11" x 2", acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

    Artwork is copyright protected by the artist. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artist's permission. 

    As part of her series, Man and Sea, Glatz has recently begun an adjunct mini-series entitled Evidence of Life. These are smaller works on gallery wrapped two inch supports so they don't require framing.  In addition to her larger paintings Glatz offers these smaller scale works making her eco-art affordable to any art buyer on any budget.

    Glatz feels strongly that we should all support activists who champion righteous causes. One way is to start collecting the art work of eco-artists. As she points out, having an eco painting on your wall – whether your home or office -- is a great way to communicate to others what you believe and what is important to you.

    She hopes in time her art and fellow eco-artists might inspire others to join activist groups and to start donating to worthy environmental causes. "The snowball of social responsibility rolls a little farther and gets a little bigger with every viewing of every eco painting, with every dollar or hour that is donated, and with every new member of every new conservationist group. Our efforts can grow with time until our fears of extinction, water wars, empty seas, and cracked earth disappear into healthy, breathable air."

    On her website Janet Glatz greets you with these words: 
    "Welcome and step into my world."

    When you visit Janet Glatz's website you will be greeted with this message: "Welcome, and step into my world. Here you will find realistic paintings designed to convey beauty, immediacy, and a feeling of inclusion in the depicted scene. I love to work with light and shadow, whether in my traditional land and seascapes or in my evocative environmental pieces. You'll want to visit all of my galleries as each one is very different. Also, please join my mailing list, and share your thoughts by commenting on my blog posts. I'd love to hear from you."

    Visit Janet Glatz's website

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    It is a pleasure to share these artists' entries with you who submitted their artwork for our juried competition "Art that Lifts Our Spirits".Please note: The works you see here are not necessarily the finalists. The judging process has not yet begun. The deadline for the competition is September 10. The online exhibition begins September 23, 2013.

    Artwork is copyright protected by the artists. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artists' permission.

    Hilde Maze ~ Oil on Paper

    Hildy Maze, she's not heavy she's my sister, oil on paper, 46" x 34".

    "Like clouds blocking the sun, our stream of thoughts obscure our clear inherent awareness This awakened mind is beyond suffering of all kinds, beyond hope and fear, beyond the “this and that” of dualistic thinking. Knowing, discovering and realizing this vast unborn space of clarity is the utmost uplifting good news."

    Valerie Leri  ~ Painting

    Valerie Leri, Morning in Tuscany on canvas, 18" x 24"

    "Living on Cape Cod inspires me to create paintings that lighten the spirit. To this end, I am drawn to working with bright, bold colors or soft pastels. A strong element throughout my work is light – both physically and spiritually – through a combination of realism and abstraction."

    Peter Treiber ~ Digital Art

    Peter Treiber, Ethereal Luminescence 20109, photographic print, 30" x 40".

    "My primary goal as a photographer is to make beautiful, dynamic and fascinating images showing joy and pleasure in a celebratory and unique way, to stimulate the mind with new eye candy. Through its abstraction, the photographs interweave the drama and excitement of the public places we enjoy so much."

     Tina Fisher ~ Mixed Media

    Tina Fisher, Rescue, acrylic, spray paint, & UV reactive paint on masonite, 39" x 44"

    "I find that my most authentic work as an artist comes from a place of understanding the human condition through the lens of my own experience. The closer I am to understanding my own humanity, the more I desire to understand the Divine."

    Nela V. Steric ~ Print

    Nela Seric, The Toy Ship, Lenticular print from the original oil painting, 14" x 11"

    "My art is meant to be a safe place for people or children to fly away from the walls that are holding them -- real or imagined. It can be a source for meditation and self-discovery, inner power, and inner cleansing."

    Zina Seletskaya ~ Photography

    Zina Seletskaya, Under the Bridge, Photographic Print, 16" x 10.63"

    "From the very young age I was enticed with the power of photography to reveal hidden charm in ordinary objects and stop time. The artistic influence behind my imagery stems from my deep appreciation for the simple, untampered and unadulterated beauty found in life."

    View more Pre-Jury Entries on this blog.

    If the art here has lifted your spirits please lift someone else's spirits! Send this post as an Email. Share this post with others on facebook, twitter, google+... Use the share buttons below. 

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    We are grateful to the following art businesses
    for giving awards and prizes for our juried competition

    Art that Lifts Our Spirits

    50 Artists will be shown in this online exhibition.
    Entry Deadline: September 10, 2013


    Cash, Material & Publicity Prizes include:

    * Lisa Cooper, Elisa Contemporary Art Consultation Award
    Lisa Cooper is an Art consultant and owner of
    Elisa Contemporary Artgallery, whose motto is "changing the world through art". Lisa Cooper will select a winning artist to receive a 45-minute phone consultation to discuss their art work. Value: Priceless

    * Dynasty Brush Award
    This manufacturer of brushes will select an artist to give a brush collection to for use with acrylic, watercolor, oil, gouache or ink. It will include a set of Inteboro, Interlock Bronze, Faux Squirrel and Faux Sable.  Value:

    Visit The Official Artist Brushstrokes Blog: "The purpose of our blog is to provide our customers and visitors a place to interact and learn more about the Black Gold and Dynasty brand brushes. With customers on every continent, our goal is provide a place where artists can share ideas, exchange brush techniques,and build a collaborative community of artists."

    * Giclees of New England (GoNE) Fine Art Print Award
    Nancy Bryant, owner of GoNE will select an artist to receive a 16" x 20" print of their art work on high quality watercolor media. The Artist will also be featured on the GoNE website as the Artist of the Month in October 2013, have their print shown in the GoNE gallery, and be featured in the GoNE newsletter. Estimated value: $200

    * Exhibitions Without Walls(EWW) Publicity Award
    Ed Wedman, co-founder of EWW, will feature a winning photographer/digital artist on the blog, in its Email Press Release, and through its social media channels. Estimated value: $200

    * Ampersand Art Award
    Ampersand is the maker of fine art museum quality painting panels. This award will go to an artist using Ampersand panels for their work. Ampersand will feature the artist on its blog and social media networks, showcasing the artist's work and any upcoming shows. 

    Other prizes include: 
    Renée Phillips, Manhattan Arts International $200 Cash Award
    Renée Phillips, Manhattan Arts International $200 Cash Award
    Renée Phillips, Art Essay Award  

    Learn more about this juried competition

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    We have the pleasure to share some more of the early submissions for the Manhattan Arts International competition "Art that Lifts Our Spirits". Please note: The works you see here are not necessarily the finalists for the exhibition that begins on September 23, 2013. The judging process has not yet begun. The deadline for the competition is September 10.

    Artwork is copyright protected by the artists. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without the artists' permission.

    Joel Armstrong ~ Assemblage

    Joel Armstrong, Age and Beauty, assemblage, 17" x 11" x 2"

    "I consider myself a storyteller. I want to connect with the audience by giving them something familiar, approachable—allowing for multiple interpretations. The assemblages all include my wire drawings as a base, along with aged lumber, old photos, and objects in a strict design sense."

    Len Cicio ~ Pastel

    Len Cicio, Honor, pastels on paper, 19.5" x 27".

    "My background with textile design helps me see patterns, textures and designs in the landscapes and subways drawn in colored pencils, pen and ink, and pastels. Always looking to see beyond the physical image and capture that supernatural life force that is hidden in the landscape and subway."

    Carol Alleman ~ Bronze Sculpture

    Carol Alleman, Remembering Gratitude, Cast Bronze, 8.25" x 3.5" x 3.5"

    "I am gratefully inspired by the mystical voice of nature and the human spirit in its playground of profound colors. Unceasingly, I hope to be an ever growing gardener of the soul through my intertwining visual and written expressions. The intricate patinas on my work present a quality of glowing antiquity – mirroring the essence of infinity."

    Shalom Bazbaz ~ Painting

    Shalom Bazbaz, Escaping The Four Elements, oil on canvas panel, 28" x 20".

    "This art is influenced by Judaism, spirituality and the teachings of Rebbe Nachman. G-d gives us unique abilities and we must use them to glorify. If this artwork can touch a single soul and inspire him/her to become a better person, then all of my efforts will have been worthwhile."

    Anne Schwartz ~ Painting

    Anne Schwartz, Vista On Sorrento, oil on canvas 33" x 33"

    "My recent Ricordi d' Italia series continues my exploration of color, light, and surface. Inspired by travels to Italy's Amalfi Coast, these paintings include a more formalized abstraction. Elements of the past and present architecture of Southern Italy's coastal villages and ruins emerge from this abstracted imagery, producing a mood that does not reside in a specific time or place."

    Barbara Svetlik ~ Painting

    Barbara Svetlik, Sewing Corner, oil on canvas, 24" x 24"

    "My subjects have included still life, landscape and figure. Recently, I've been inspired to paint familiar objects that are meaningful to me. The paintings define relationships among the objects, the painting materials and me. Colors, form, lines and brushstrokes convey associations, feelings and images, and hopefully evoke meaning for viewers."

    If the art here has lifted your spirits please lift someone else's spirits! Send this post as an Email. Share this post with others on facebook, twitter, google+ and more.
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    Don't Miss This Event!

    "Reconciliation" danced in full mosaic makeup and costumes, 2012. Photo by John Morrell. Courtesy Sacred Dance Guild.

    The Trinity Movement Choir will dance "Reconciliation", the piece it created for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. This event will take place at Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, at 2:30 Sunday, September 15. There is no charge.

    Trinity and its St. Paul's Chapel, just across from the 9/11 attack site, was the center of rescue operations after 9/11. St. Paul's walls are still covered with letters and artwork sent in response to the attack and prayers for Peace have been said there at noon every day since 9/11/2001. Trinity has offered counseling and healing arts events on the anniversary of the attack.

    "Reconciliation" made its debut in 2011 at St. Paul's. Last year it was part of the opening concert for the conference of the International Sacred Dance Guild.

    "Reconciliation" danced in full mosaic makeup and costumes, 2012. Photo by John Morrell. Courtesy Sacred Dance Guild.

    About Marilyn Green, Artist and Director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir

    Marilyn Green is the Director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir. She brings together more than 30 years of work in visual arts, music and dance to create moving art on universal themes. Green's degrees in music and art, her decades of dedication to sacred dance bring together oil paintings, masks, costumes and hypnotic movement to convey powerful emotion in ritual.

    Under Green's direction the Movement Choir is made up of members from Alvin Ailey stars to people with little or no previous training, from all denominations and all age groups.

    In August 2010, Green became director of Trinity Wall Street's Movement Choir, formed from a two-hour workshop that took wings. She explains, "The group is open to anyone, of any age, experience, religious affiliation and physical condition. Some members have been stars in major dance companies; some have just begun to dance. At the core of the group is a focus on movement as worship, a reclaiming of the community and tribal spiritual dance we have largely lost in our feeling that dedicated professionals alone can make beautiful dance."

    According to Green the primary sources of inspiration in dance are Rudolf Laban, a friend of Pilates who advocated large groups of people of all kinds moving together in a choreographed fashion and leaving room for personal expression, a concept closely related to his personal spiritual beliefs; and Japanese Butoh.

    From them she has taken a slow, dreamlike movement style that allows each person’s authentic, individual connection with Spirit to be felt.

    Green states, "The inspiration for the group's mosaic makeup and costumes comes from the unforgettable Everyman Players’ Book of Job; other living masks and Venetian masks have been drawn from Pacific Northwest animal totems, African painted faces and masks and Native American ceremonial garb. But ultimately the Movement Choir is shaped by its members, their skills, spirituality and creative ideas."

    We are also proud and honored that Marilyn Green is a member of the Manhattan Arts International Editorial and Advisory Team.

    So, don't miss this extraordinary event at Trinity Church, Broadway at Wall Street, at 2:30 Sunday, September 15. 

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